Rokka Spoon Puppets

All you need is a wooden spoon, some crafty bits and pieces and the ability to draw a face and you'll be making puppets with your children in no time so that they can hold their own Rokka puppet show with their friends

1. Make the puppet's face. Draw a face on the inside of the wooden spoon using felt tip pens. Draw whatever expression suits the puppet - happy, sad, angry, poking a tongue out etc. Your children might like to make either a person or an animal. Consider other ideas, including a fairytale character or a mythical beast.

2. Decorate the puppet. Use masking tape or glue to stick pieces of tissue paper and scrap material to your wooden spoon handle for clothing (or scales, armour etc.).

3. Create the puppet's arms and legs. Add pipe cleaners for arms and legs by twisting them around the handle.

4. Make more puppets. Then watch your children put on their Rokka puppet show!