For Parents

Parents, grandparents and early-years specialists all understand the importance of creative play, and this is exactly what the Rokka provides.

The Rokka, an adventure every day

The Rokka develops and grows with your child, from their first birthday until they're ready for school.

It is a safe, high-quality toy that is strong enough to last all your children, thoughtfully designed to become part of your home and durable enough to hold on to for future generations.

Nothing matches the Rokka for ease of use and versatility; it is not just three or four toys in one, it is as many as eight or nine.

It becomes whatever a child's imagination wants it to be, transforming easily, safely and quickly, allowing your children to develop at their own pace.

Unlike other toys, the Rokka is one large item, with add-on pieces in small, easily-stored boxes, so occupied children needn't lead to an over-run home.

All of which means happy children playing just-pretend, make-believe games: the kind of games children have always loved, and the kind of games the early-years specialists say strengthen and stretch young imaginations