A day in the life of a Rokka

By Laura McLoughlin, FdA Early Years
Margaret McMillan Nursery, Plymouth

“My day begins at 8:15am when the first child arrives, bursting through the door, full of life!

8:17am, lights on, music on, laughing and giggling can be heard all around.

By 8.22am I’m the Jolly Rodger setting sail, off to find some treasure, sails up, oars at the ready and off we go!  Two shipmates aboard, using empty toilet roll holders as binoculars, looking at the screwed up drawing map, showing them the way to the magic island!  The two pirates jump off to find the gold and within minutes I’m transformed again.

Life as a Rokka never stops!

This time I’m over on my side with children all around me. I’m Mummy’s kitchen, Daddy’s bar, Granddad’s café and Nanny’s favourite restaurant!  The children are making teas, coffees, sandwiches and cakes. I’m fish-and-chip shop, a Chinese take-away and a bakery all in one day!

When the children go off for lunch I have a well-deserved break until Miss Mac comes back and sets me up for this afternoons latest performance.

I’m quickly turned onto my other side, curtains arranged and puppets at the ready.  The stars of today’s show are rabbit, frog, dog and badger; the children are in place and its time for curtain up!  Everyone cheers and shouts out; I’m now the main attraction, the star of the show!

It starts to get dark outside, one by one the children begin to leave and I am turned into a table and chairs.  This is how I will rest, quietly, preparing for whatever fun the next day will bring.

The life of a Rokka is forever changing.