Ethics & Environment

A key component of the Rokka Play brand is the ethical manufacture of all our products including protection of the environment. We want to do this as much for the sake of our children and grandchildren as we do for ourselves.

We will only use overseas manufacturers if they meet internationally accepted standards of employment.

We will not use any manufacturer that employs child labour.We will ensure as best as we can that raw material, birch plywood in particular, is sourced from suppliers that follow a code of replacement - a tree is felled and another is planted.

We will minimse packaging to that which is necessary for the protection of our products through transit.

Customer care is core to Rokka Play.  We will treat our customers fairly.  We will give every customer contact an attentive ear with a view to resolving happily any problem a customer may have with a product or service of Rokka Play.  We wish our cusomers to feel that they are appreciated and taken care of.